198 Gertrude St Fitzroy

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In a compelling new exhibition opening August 26, emergent ceramics sculptor Ben Mazey will showcase his evolving artistic relationship with clay, bringing the fruits of his practice to Melbourne’s At the above.

Comprising slab built, one-off lamps, candelabras, vases, frames and more, Making Nice Things offers an honest documentation of the self-taught artist’s fixation with functional yet imperfect objects, highlighting a simple, centered approach born of his return from a 13 year period at the intersection of fashion and design circles across Europe and Asia — and living in lockdown. Embracing lo-fi authenticity, Making Nice Things is a collection channelling the unhurried, non-competitive kindness in Mazey’s craft.

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Currently based in Melbourne, New Zealand born Ben Mazey is an artist interested in tactile and irregular mediums. Creating functional, sculptural ceramics with a singular technique, Mazey draws inspiration from the liberating nature of clay, with a practice that lauds naivety and simplicity. Subscribing to the obscure Russian typology of Faktura — art characterised by the visual demonstration of properties inherent in an artist’s materials — Mazey’s work surfaces the way his objects take shape, retaining the distinct properties of the clay in question. Familiar but challenging, his modern interpretations of classic forms are to be lived and engaged with, not just placeholders on a mantle.

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Ben Mazey At The Above Galler Exhibition

BEN MAZEY  COMING SOON » 198 Gertrude Street Fitzroy