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Strateas carlucci at the above ctrl shift 3

In collaboration with :

Justin Ridler + Sarah Woodall

John Mckenzie + Kim Wright

Ribal Hosn + Sarah Starkey

Kurt Johnson + Myles Pedlar

Strateas Carlucci At The Above

CTRL + SHIFT is a precursor to shortcut actions on various operating systems. Most common, to re-set, re-boot or delete an on-going operation which is causing an error or glitch. To control is to have power, and to shift, is to change – so by using these ‘keys’ you can ultimately re-start a system which is not responding.

STRATEAS CARLUCCI presents CTRL + SHIFT – Inspired by Karoshi (過労死, Karōshi) – a Japanese term which translates to “overwork death”. Karoshi is intertwined in the Japanese business culture of the ‘salaryman (サラリーマン, sararīman), who have unwavering loyalty to the corporation they work with, often making many sacrifices, working long hours, living away from their families and spend most of their life working in the same job. In some cases, this leads to occupational sudden mortality, death by being overworked.

Strateas Carlucci At The Above 2